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Diabetes can be considered a dis-ease that stems from the habits and behaviors of the individual. This disease can also be seen as having roots in sociocultural changes, socio-economic dynamics, political challenges, early childhood stress, generational trauma, and inequalities.

Diabetes can be seen as a whole-body dis-ease that has major impacts on the organ called the pancreas.The pancreas releases a hormone, called insulin, that helps the body utilize carbohydrates (an energy source). When the body cannot use or produce insulin effectively a dis-ease state is created.The body turns from insulin sensitive to insulin resistant (the muscles do not respond to the action of insulin). Blood sugar levels may increase requiring constant monitoring (blood sugar monitoring). Physical activity, more specifically exercise, can help regulate blood glucose levels, can help relieve symptoms of anxiety or depression, and bring about feelings of vitality and vigor. Through structured exercise and routine physical activity blood glucose levels can be managed. If the blood sugar rises above a specific threshold (hyperglycemia) and goes uncontrolled for a long time, serious complications throughout the body can occur.Gestational diabetes can arise in pregnant mothers.This may lead to complications during and after pregnancy for both mother and child.

The long-term uncontrolled manifestation of diabetes and associated illnesses can lead to a dependence on pharmaceutical interventions (ex: metformin, statins), strain on family life, loss of a limb, loss of sight, loss of quality of life, loss of vitality, dental dis-ease, problems with the heart and blood vessels (cardiovascular dis-ease), certain cancers, increased susceptibility to infection, and kidney dis-ease

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Connecting to the land.

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The Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative was developed to reach more communities with our Land-based strategy. Interest has circulated throughout the service providers and community members in the Kiiwetinoong district. The Shibogama RDS, termed here as the Kiiwetinoong Diabetes Initiative, has Nishnawbe Aski Nation’s Heath Transformation at its root, offering traditional food and plant knowledge to exercise self-determination and take responsibility of Health Care in our communities, as well as to integrate our lifestyles and practices into our chosen healing modalities.

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Diabetes Information

Possible Causes of Diabetes

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Diabetes Complications
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