Active Living

It all starts with the good way of life. Living in relation with and engaging with your hearts desire. Getting involved with your own commitment to health and well-being by honoring who you are can lead to great change. Getting active through traditional activities, meaningful work, sport, exercise, leisure pursuits or any way that helps you move is a pathway to prevention and recovery. Leading an active life with strong roots in the ground helps you be who you are. Finding support and connection through one another helps build motivation to make change happen.

Through active living one can learn to embody the lived experience of life.This embodiment can empower you to build strength, resilience, self-esteem, self-respect, learn ways to regulate and manage stressful situations, and re-learn to feel and express yourself.Building an active way of life through meaningful relevant activities, while honouring who you are helps to embrace and live your fullest self.

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